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What we do

Dear fellow (aspiring) board game designers, welcome to Amsterdam Board Game Design!

Let’s face it: we love playing games. We love it so much in fact, we design our own board games. And we know lots of friends, coworkers and even relatives we love to play games with. Unfortunately, most (normal) people don’t want to sit through a session where the rules change mid play.

For us however, this is our source of energy! We can talk for hours on end about that one mechanic and how to improve its meaning, emergence and direction.

Join our meet up!

Join the Amsterdam Board Game Design group to meet up and talk board game design, to find like-minded people and inspiration. To playtest your prototype and play games you never even heard of!

Prototyping &

We mainly come together at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam or the Armoury bar to discuss and play test our new designs.

play testings

Join our Discord channel to discuss everything about board games. Or organise an online play test for your latest design!

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“As a game designer, I’d rather do something “wrong” and spark a conversation, than do everything “right” and end the conversation”

- Eric Lang

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