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Orbit Master

Orbit Master is a trick-taking, matching card game in which players choose one of the Signs of the Zodiac to restore the celestial order. The first player to bring the other 11 Signs under their House wins the game and becomes the Orbit Master!

The 12 signs of the Zodiac have existed in peaceful harmony since the beginning of time. However, the murmurs of a 13th sign have persisted without worry until now. The Snake Bearer, otherwise known as Ophiuchus has taken drink of the snake’s venom and become corrupt with poisonous power. That poison has opened a black hole ripping the Celestial Orbit asunder releasing the balance of the 12 signs.

The Celestial Orbit needs to be restored, but with an Orbit Master to keep its hold. Which sign has the ability to muster the other 11 signs to re-establish the orbit?  And which sign can keep itself from being poisoned by Ophiuchus as well?

In this trick-taking card game each player must choose a sign to play and the first to bring the other 11 signs under their House of Mastery becomes the Orbit Master!

3-6 Players / 40-60 Min / 10+