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Rise of the Wastelands

Type: Area control & Combat, exploration, resource management, civilization building, action selection.

Players: 2-4

Duration: 30 minutes per player

At the end of this century a rain of meteors hit the Earth, changing completely the landscape, killing the majority of people and destroying almost all sign of civilization. A few years after the impact, the remaining survivors have started to gather in the ruins of cities where the effects of the meteors have been less severe to try to rebuild what is left and start a new society.

About 50 years after the impact, some of those ruined cities have started to flourished, but the resources that could be savaged in them are starting to run out. There are still not enough infrastructures and developments to generate all the needed resources for the growing population, so in order to survive, the people of these cities need to adventure into the Wastelands.

The Wastelands is a big area that was hit specially hard by the meteors and that now is starting to be in a good enough state to be explored by humans again. It is known that there are several ruined cities to savage resources from, but there are some unknown dangers as well.

The need for resources, together with the different societies each of these newly populated cities have created, has lead to a situation where conflict and distrust has grown among these factions. So now a race has begun to get resources, grow and develop as fast as possible, to become the strongest faction to rule, not only over the Wastelands, but over all the nearby factions as well.