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Riverbed Hunt

Imitating humans in constructing houses and large ships, tritons quickly became a trading folk and their agricultural villages flourished on the river bank of Ie. Triton merchants are known for being able to provide extremely rare goods, such as dried starlight kelp seeds from Ie’s riverbed. Humans are willing to pay great sums for them, giving the triton merchants the incentive to seek them out, extract and provide it to the market. A group of tritons, which the governing order calls “Separatists”, dissatisfied with the commercial policy of their fellow citizens, began protesting and sabotaging the merchants’ trade of the sacred to them, kelp seed. Of course, there are those who seek to take advantage of the whole situation and, in secrecy, exploit both sides for their own benefit…

Randomly take a secret role and during your turn, perform one out of three actions. Bring items to the surface until one of the win conditions is met. Reveal enough Kelps and the Merchants succeed in growing their trading business with the humans. Reveal enough Logs and the Separatists succeed in blocking this trade. If enough Coins are revealed, the Profiteer managed to deceive everyone about his intentions, for his own profit.