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Operation T.H.E.R.M.A.

You are a scientist at T.H.E.R.M.A., a research and development initiative where the world’s top minds push the boundaries of mankind’s knowledge. Your experiments will explore unexplained phenomena, catalog exotic materials, and create life-changing innovations. There is just one catch: as a cost-cutting measure, the research lab was designed with only one thermostat. You will need to use every atom in your exceptional brain to ensure that your projects stay within the parameters of success! Meanwhile, your highly ambitious colleagues will be doing the same. 

Your job is to earn Victory Points by successfully completing Experiments. In order to do this, you’ll need to maintain control over the Thermostat, help your teammates, and disrupt your opponents.

Who will be the first to complete their research and garner accolades from the scientific community, and who will be frozen out!?