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What Are You Saying?

What Are You Saying? (Party card game for wisecrackers)

Why are you patting a snake with bare feet? This 2-in-1 game you’re about to play is full of wise but ridiculous local idioms that don’t translate well to English (believe us, we’ve tried!). We collected these expressions from friends and family in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, and Lithuania. 

A few of these expressions sound made up! That’s because they are.

So, we’ve got two games here. In one of them you’ll propose the best ending to a wild expression. Guess the right ending or make it the funniest! In the other game you’ll make up meanings and bluff your way through the round.

Vynalezl* Gazette calls this deck of cards: “The best thing since sliced bread”. 

Are you ready? Let’s spill the zubrowka!*

*made up name

*don’t spill it, just drink it, preferably while playing this game.